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V.R.C.C. (Video Remote Computer Camera) is a freeware and open source system that enables your symbian smartphone to be used as a Webcam and lets you control the smartphone from the PC.

The system is comprised of two applications, one for the smartphone and one for the PC that communicate using a protocol over a variety of data transmission methods. Currently the only phones with UIQ3 interface are supported, however you can click here to vote for features including support for other Symbian platforms

Description: Turn your smartphone into a Web camera. Using any browser your friends will be able to see live images from your phone. Broadcast directly from you PC with the included HTTP Server or use any ftp-enabled host as a relay with FTP Uploader feature. Easily switch to screen capture and control your phone using the mouse as a stylus and the PC's keyboard to easily write text, navigate the menu etc. Record everything in the same quality to review images, keep screenshots or to create clips and tutorials using other free software. Connect using USB cable, bluetooth, WiFi and CSD/GPRS/3G. Adjust compression, autofocus, throughput and others from the PC. To view the complete list of features and screenshots visit the features page on the left menu.

If you are convinced you can download the files you need to get it working, and after that watch the status of the project to know about new versions and features. Also if you are satisfied of the application, you can donate to keep development and fixing going.

Support is also available, however it is limited by my time and influenced by the importance of request or your donation status, for more information visit the FAQ page.