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There are many things that can be done and improved. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of time. To help prioritize features you can click here to vote what you need most.



Symbian application screenshots, UIQ3 - P990i
PC application screenshot.
Main Window.

PC application screenshot.
Settings Window.

PC application screenshot.
Connection configuration Window.

Development aspects

The project consists of two applications. One is meant for Symbian OS and written in a slightly modified version of C++ along with other platform specific interface and resource definition language. The IDE used is Carbide C++ Express, based on Eclipse, this version is free of charge. The IDE also generates files to build the project from the console with ARM compiler. For video streaming it uses MJPEG compressed by Symbian's JPEG library, however I intend on porting libjpeg for better performance.

The PC counterpart is written in Java, version 6 is required. For bluetooth communication Bluecove library is used (it is also free and open source).

The protocol was designed for this application, it unifies RTP/RTCP/RTSP protocols in a single specification and it also provides loss-less buffered streaming over TCP together with UDP real-time broadcasting. It is also simpler but less extensible.